MAD4APARTY has a wide selection of high-tech lighting equipment and High Definition Audio to bring clarity and quality to host any party. We are always expanding on the technology we use, to always ensure that we’re always up-to-date for every occasion.

PAT Tested

All the equipment we use have been fully PAT tested, this ensures that we comply with health and safety standards. For more information on PAT testing, please visit the official PAT testing website with more details by clicking here.

Our Equipment

Below is a full list of our current equipment we use at MAD4APARTY. All of our equipment is utilised through a computer, from the sound system to the lighting effects. This gives us more control over the equipment and allows us to make full use of the functionality of the equipment in comparison to when equipment is controlled manually.

Our Promise

MAD4APARTY is always investing in newer equipment to bring our clients a better service!

Risk Assessment

Every venue we attend, we always carry out a Health and Safety Risk Assessment prior to the setup of equipment. We take into consideration many potential hazards that could cause an accident, therefore common problems such as unattended cables and cords leading from external speakers/lighting are taped down securely to the floor and are highlighted with reflective tape to give good indication to guests that there’s cables underlay. This minimises the potential risk of an accident occurring.

More Information

Would you like us to host an event for your? Contact us for a quote! Or view some of our forthcoming events.